About Us
About Us

Yulindingli breaker tools come from 100% internal technology manufacturing, and strict quality control is applied to the whole production process.

Yulindingli's professional technical team continuously optimizes and upgrades the production process and quality control procedures to ensure that our production quality is ahead of the market.

  • Alloy spectrum analysis and ultrasonic testing

    Yulindingli uses alloy spectrum analyzer and ultrasonic flaw detector to analyze and test the whole series of exclusive raw materials to ensure that their quality meets the company's production requirements and standards.

  • Precision machining

    Yulindingli adopts advanced CNC lathes, VMC vertical machining centers and related advanced equipment to provide strong guarantee for machining accuracy and production efficiency.

  • Special heat treatment technology

    We use advanced heat treatment equipment and special process technology and control program. The whole heat treatment process takes nearly 65 hours, including 5 technical procedures and 5 quality inspections.

  • Compliance test

    After the heat treatment, the breaker tool will be tested for hardness and ultrasonic flaw detection, and rigorous analysis will be carried out to ensure that the breaker tools we leave the factory have excellent performance.